Arts2Work is looking for you.

  • Culturally diverse artists ready to step into their future

  • Veterans seeking a fresh start in a creative field

  • Mediamakers with disabilities who know their place is every place

  • Women re-entering the creative workforce with life experience and stories to tell

  • Low-income, high-potential college grads who need industry experience and mentorship

  • High school grads with talent, workplace skills, and big dreams (and a little experience producing + editing media)

What Apprentices Do

Arts2Work Apprentices produce and edit ALL kinds of media, for ALL kinds of screens, in ALL kinds of workplaces.

Arts2Work Apprentices are hired as entry-level Multimedia Producers and Digital Video Editors. To be eligible for a for an Apprenticeship, you need at least a high school diploma or GED and some basic storytelling, production, and digital technology skills. Begin by filling out the Arts2Work application on this site. Once accepted into the program, we set you up on interviews -- and once hired, your Apprenticeship begins. Starting wages will generally be somewhere between $15 and $20 per hour. You work for one year, mentored by a senior staff member – learning by doing, and taking 150 hours of additional classroom or online training paid for by your employer, or through grants and training stipends provided by Arts2Work. You also get time with an Arts2Work industry mentor who can support your creative and professional development. At the end of the year, the goal is that you love your job, your employer is thrilled with your work, and you are promoted into the position for which you’ve been training all year.

After your Apprenticeship, you become part of the Arts2Work Alumni network. Through the network, you have access to colleagues across the country, workshops, job placement support, funding for personal projects and job share opportunities.

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